Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Extended Hours a Success!

With term coming to a close and students breathing a sigh of relief as final papers are submitted, exams completed and grades being posted, the Library wrapped up another successful two weeks of extended hours.

In support of students studying for finals, preparing final projects and completing research papers the Library opened early at 8am and remained open late until 11pm.  164 students used the Library before 8.30am and 355 students stayed after 10pm for a grand total of 519 students served during times the Library would normally not be open.

Inclement weather also caused the College to open late one day and close entirely another during finals.

Many thanks to the Library staff who voluntarily adjust the schedules to come to work early and stay late to keep the doors open.  Special thanks to Student Services who also provided "snack carts" during finals week: many juice boxes, Diet Pepsis, chips, cookies and apparently endless Peanut Butter M&Ms were consumed.

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