Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Supreme Court

SCOTUS is busily handing down rulings & making news.  Whether it's voting rights, affirmative action or gay marriage, you can read up on the Supreme Court, study landmark cases and investigate the US Legal system with these titles:

Aaseng, Nathan.  Great Justices of the Supreme Court.  KF8744.A18 1992

Epstein, Lee and Kobylka, Joseph F.   The Supreme Court and Legal Change: Abortion and the death penalty.  KF8742.E67 1992
Greenberg, Jan Crawford.  Supreme Conflict: The inside story of the struggle for control of the United States Supreme Court.  KF8742.G74 2008
Hall,  Kermit L.   The Law of the Land: A history of the Supreme Court.  AV KF8742.H35 2003
Judicial Opinions: The Supreme Court justices.  AV KF8742.J836x 2007

Lazarus, Edward.  Closed Chambers: The first eyewitness account of the epic struggles inside the Supreme Court.  KF8742.L39 1998
Levy, Robert A. and Mellor, William.  The Dirty Dozen: How twelve Supreme Court cases radically expanded government and eroded freedom.  KF8742.L485 2009 
McCaffrey, Paul and Lynn M. Messina.  The Reference Shelf: The United States Supreme Court. KF8742.Z9 U55 2005
Nemacheck, Christine L.  Strategic Selection: Presidential nomination of Supreme Court justices from Herbert Hoover through George W. Bush.  KF8742.N46 2007
O’Connor, Sandra Day.  The Majesty of the Law: Reflections of a Supreme Court Justice.
KF8742.O274 2003
Opposing Viewpoints: The U.S. Supreme Court.  KF8742.U18 2010
Rehnquist, William H.  The Supreme Court.  KF8742.R47 2001
Schwartz, Bernard.  A History of the Supreme Court.  KF8742.S39 1993

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