Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot College!

Term begins on Wednesday 22 August.  Get ready for it by checking out one of our titles on college
preparation, study skills and financial aid:

Acing College. LB2343.32 H35 1991 

Bound-for-College Guidebook.  LB2343.32 B88 2009

College Knowledge.  LB2343.3 D565x 2005

College Rules.  LB2343.32 N57 2002

College Survival.  LB2343.32 G68 2004

Community College Companion.  LB2343.32 R684 2011

Comprehending Textbooks.  LB2395.3 C66 1996

Debt Free U.  LB2342 B52 2010

Digital Writing Workshop.  LB1631 H494 2009

Financial Aid Financer.  LB2338 F4445x 2010/11

How to Study and Other Skills for College Success.  LB2395 M795 2003

How to Study in College.  LB2395 P3 1997

How to Win at College.  LB2343.3 N49 2005

Keys to Effective Learning.  LB2395 C267 2011

Kick Ass in College.  LB2343.3 F69x 2005

Living the College Life.  LB2343.3 P38 2005

Major in Success.  LB2343.32 C65 2003

Notetaking. DVD  LB2343.32 A23x 2004

Note Taking Made Easy.  LB2395.25 K47 2003

Painless Writing.  LB1631 S882 2001

Paying for College without going Broke.  LB2337.4 P744 2011

Practicing College Learning Strategies.  LB2395 H66 2010

Reading Improvement.  DVD LB2343.32 A23x 2004

Scholarship Handbook.  LB2338 C597 2012

Strategic Learning.  DVD LB2343.32 A23x 2004

Success in College.  LB2343.32 B87 2006

Time Management.  DVD LB2343.32 A23x 2004

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