Thursday, December 08, 2011

NOVA History online!

Interested in learning about NOVA’s history? NOVA History Collections is an online archival
repository for more than 500 photographs, student publications, commencement programs, yearbooks and other documents from 1965 to the present. The repository is full-text searchable, and users can download, save and print any document or photograph in our collections. This project was initiated and developed by Alexandria Campus Library Specialist David Anderson. He is collaborating with Travis Nace, Chystie Greges, Maureen Townsend, Nathan Mueller and Stephanie Sharkey to build collections for each NOVA campus.

Visit NOVA History Collections at

NOVA History Collections is part of an effort to begin preserving historical information about the
College. As NOVA approaches the 50th anniversary of its founding, that information will become more and more valuable. While the libraries have retained many of NOVA’s documents and photographs since the 1960s, some items have been lost or destroyed over time. Others may be in filing cabinets, desk drawers or boxes throughout the College, just waiting to be discovered and archived! If you have any documents or photographs that could be added to our archival repository, please contact Anderson at

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