Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Blog Crests 20,000 Page Views

Readers of the Alexandria Campus Library Blog know that this is the place to be for online news about Library services and collections, campus developments, and news from around the library world.

Recently, the blog passed the 20,000 page-view mark, with over 12,000 visits from all over the world. YOUR Alexandria Campus Library is visited from Virginia, California, Canada, England, Hungary, India, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Many people find us by clicking on the links on the campus or library homepages, but some find us through Google searches.

The blog provides an archive of changes and developments in the campus library, including major events like construction, asbestos removal, re-carpeting, and campus wiring projects; staff news like weddings, birthdays and achievements; conferences; holidays; extended hours; art exhibitions and musical performances in the library; student survey results and much much more. You might even find evidence for some long-lost initiatives -- does anyone remember Beauregard Radio?

Thanks for reading!

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