Friday, August 12, 2011

Fall Semester 2011

The beginning of the 2011-12 academic year is almost upon us. If you are new to NOVA -- welcome! If you are returning -- welcome back! The Alexandria Library is here to help students succeed in their studies and research at NOVA.

Most new students (and some returning students) will have questions about how they can obtain textbooks (purchase in the bookstore or borrow in the Library), where they can study (quiet and group study in the Library), and how they can get help with research or preparing for tests (your friendly campus Librarians can help with that!).

Many students have practical (and just as important) questions:

Q. Where can I hang out?

A: The campus has brand new lounge furniture on the second and third floors. From the Library go out the main doors, turn right and keep going (see below):

Q. Where can I get a snack or something to drink?

A. There are vending machines in various locations throughout the building. The nearest ones to the library are in the third floor lobby, one floor up (see below):

(Bonus: Did you know you can use your NOVACard in many of the campus vending machines?)

Q. I need a computer to look up something quick, where can I find one?

A. There are computer kiosks in several places in the Bisdrof (AA) building. The nearest one is right outside the Library in the lobby! (see below):

(Bonus: You don't have to log on to use these computers!)

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