Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Library Recarpeting: progress report

The Library project is moving ahead. Check here for updates.

To facilitate some of the dangerous and messy work, parts of the Library have to be sealed off with plastic sheeting:

(above: wrapping the stairs to the upper level)

(above: the stairs completely wrapped in plastic. Watch those books! They are next to go!)

(above: where did the books go? All the books had to be moved off the shelves and onto these carts)

(above: many of the books were packed into these yellow crates. You can see the empty shelves. All the shelving will have to be dismantled).

(above: as part of the process, all of the furniture in the Library had to be removed or moved out of the way. Here are study tables stacked on end, with more of those book crates. There are over 60,000 volumes in the Library collection that must be moved and stored, and 21,000 square feet to be carpeted).
Carpeting in room 327 (the Libray classroom) has been completed! Computers are being installed today.
Carpeting has begun on the upper level of the Library and should be completed tomorrow.
Remember: for the duration of the Library re-carpeting project, computers are available in the Open Computer Center in Room 155.
Study space is available throughout the Bisdorf Building -- look especially for the tables and chairs set up in the new wing, or Phase III.
Library staff can be contacted in room 234. You can also return materials in room 234, and find Reserve materials (text books).

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