Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Need a Textbook?

Students looking for the assigned textbook for their Alexandria Campus classes may find reserve copies available in the Library.

Textbook reserve provides students with limited access to course texts. Students may read or study from the textbooks here in the Library or make photocopies for their personal use.

A NOVACard Student ID is necessary to borrow textbooks. Most textbooks may be used in the Library only (they may not be taken out of the Library) and most have a 2-hour limit so as many people as possible can have a chance to access reserve material.

Please be aware that course reserves are very popular and in high demand -- hundreds of students make use of course reserves every day. Please be considerate of other students: do not write in, remove pages from, or otherwise damage reserved textbooks. In many cases the Library only has one copy of each book. Please also return reserve textbooks on time. Someone else is waiting!

Reserves carry a $2 per hour fine for late returns.

Students needing a personal copy of a textbook, or who need to take a textbook home, or who wish to use a textbook for more than 2 hours at a time should purchase textbooks from the campus Bookstore. Some scholarship money is availble to assist students who cannot afford to purchase textbooks. Contact the Dean of Students for more information.

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