Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oxford African American Study Center

The Online Authority on the African American Experience:

Do you know who refused to go to the back of the bus in August 1952, more than three years before Rosa Parks refused to do so?

Can you name the first black man and woman in the United States to travel to space?

Do you know in which famous jazz singer and bandleader's group Miles Davis debuted?

Can you name the first black woman millionaire in the United States and how she made her fortune?

Do you know which US President has been described as doing more for civil rights than any other president since Abraham Lincoln?

Can you name three important musical acts in hip-hop's early years?

Do you know which black infantry unit helped Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders capture San Juan Hill?

Can you name the founder of the city of Chicago?

Do you know where rap music originated?
Get your final answer at the Oxford African American Studies Center. Visit the Library Homepage to find it, on the "Articles" page under History.

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