Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Reserve Fines!

Reserve materials (the majority of which are course textbooks) are among the most heavily used tiles in the Library. Reserve materials directly support classroom learning and curricular goals.

In addition, provision of course textbooks assures access for all students to even the most expensive course texts.

In order to ensure fair and equitable access to these materials, the College has adopted a new system of fines for Reserve Materials.

General Reserve items (material that can be taken out of the Library) will now incur a $2 per day fine every day an item is late.

2-Hour reserve material (materials that are timed Library-Use-Only or Closed Reserve) will be charged $2 per hour for every hour the item is late.

This fine system has been put in place to encourage prompt return of high-demand and high-use items to make sure that Reserve materials are readily available.

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