Friday, December 19, 2008

Final Exams Finally Over

As exams wound down to an end, Library Extended Hours came to a successful close.

From Monday December 8th through Thursday December 18th, over 500 students before 8.30am and after 10pm. That's 500 students who were able to study outside of the Library's normal term-time hours. (record numbers of students packed the library during normal operating hours as well -- sometimes approaching every single available seat being filled).

In addition, the Library's now traditional Late Night Study Snacks were a bigger hit than ever before. Over 240 cups of coffee, tea and cocoa were consumed, as well as more than 12 boxes of cookies and lots and lots of chocolate to keep up the energy through late-night cramming.

Best of Luck to all exam-takers and best wishes for a Happy New Year! See you in Spring '09!

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