Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Constitution Day

Celebrate the anniversary of the signing of the US Constitution with a good book:

The genius of America : how the Constitution saved our country--and why it can again. KF4541 .L334x 2007

A more perfect constitution : 23 proposals to revitalize our Constitution and make America a fairer country . KF4550 .S185x 2007

The summer of 1787 : the men who invented the Constitution. KF4510 .S74 2007

Unruly Americans and the origins of the Constitution. KF4541 .H58 2007

America’s constitution : a biography. KF4541 .A87 2005

(above - the Library's 2008 Constitution Day display).

Or read about the restoration of Montpelier, the Virginia home of the Father of the Constitution, James Madison.

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