Thursday, May 08, 2008

Study Early, Study Late, Have a Cookie!

Maintaining its tradition of extended hours to support exams, the Alexandria Campus Library opened its doors a half hour early and closed up an hour later each day for a two week period covering the last week of classes & exams. From Monday 28 april through Friday 9 May the Library served over 540 exam studiers before 8.30am and after 10pm.

Students burning the midnight oil were also sustained with cookies & lemonade as a study break in the evenings.

[above: Librarian Matt Todd, Library Assistant Femila Riguera and Library Assistant Twynell Kimble keep the lights on well after 10pm].
Students served: 544
Cookies consumed: 1,000
Lemonade drunk: 12 gallons
Iced Tea sipped: 8 liters

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