Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scholarship & Financial Aid info at Your Library

Need to pay for College? Visit the Scholarship Fair today 11am - 1pm in the Bisdorf Cafeteria, or check out some of these great resources in Your Library:

Aiding Students, Buying Students: Financial Aid in America. LB2337.4 W53

501 Ways for Adult Students to Pay for College. LB2337.4 T36x

Chronicle Financial Aid Guide. LB2337.4 C47

College Money Handbook. REF LB2337.2 C65

College Student’s Guide to Merit and Other Non-Need Funding. REF LB2337.2

Directory of Financial Aid for Women. REF LB2338 D592

Financial Aid 101. LB2337.4 C43x

Financial Aid for African Americans. REF LB2338 F5643

Financial Aid for Asian Americans. REF LB2338 F5644

Financial Aid for the Disabled. LB2337.2 F58

Financial Aid for Hispanic Americans. REF LB2338F5645

Making a Difference: Scholarships for a Better World. LB2338 W39

National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Latino Youth.
REF LB2338 N293x

Paying for College Without Going Broke. LB2337.4 P744

Scholarship Almanac. LB2338 P44 2005

Scholarship Book. REF LB2337.2 C37

Scholarship Handbook. LB2338 C597

Scholarship Scouting Report. LB2338 K367

Or check out online resources, accessible from the Library's Best of the Web page.

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