Thursday, September 20, 2007

Constitution Day -- The Votes Are In!

In celebration of Constitution Day (17 Sep) the Alexandria Campus Library sponsored an interactive Constitution-themed survey. We asked Alexandria Students how they would change the Constitution if they could -- specifically what amendment they would like to repeal and what amendment they would like to add. The Votes are In!

Guns & Gays fare badly:

Of 42 votes cast, 9 would repeal the Second Amendment (The Right to Bear Arms). 10 would ban gay marriage.

A surprsingly large number (10) voted to repeal the Twenty Second Amendment (Presidential Term Limits) prompting us to wonder which of our Presidents the students wanted to elect for a third term!

Additional suggestions were to pass an amendment legalizing gay marriage in every state and passing an amendment making it illegal to fire lawyers who disagreed with the government (are you listening Mr Gonzales?).

One voter suggested adding an amendment to abolish the electoral college and replace it with direct proportional voting by state (this might work better if it were direct national proportional voting!).

Another vote called for the repeal of the Fourteenth Amendment (Section One) that defines citizenship as conferred at birth. Would we all have to take citizenship tests at a certain age?!

One voter suggested repealing the Fifth Amendment, or at least the Double Jeapardy provision (maybe someone has been following the latest OJ Simpson news?).

Thanks to everyone who voted! What do YOU think? Leave us a comment here!

To find out more about the Consitution, check out one of these titles:

America's Constitution: A Biography KF4541 .A87

Origins of the Bill of Rights KF4749 .L488

A companion to the United States Constitution and its amendments KF4550 .V55

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