Monday, May 14, 2007

Kevin O'Hagan acknowledged in new book

Library Specialist Kevin O'Hagan appears in the acknowledgments of Richard Fafara's new book Malebranche Moment: Selections from the Letters of Etienne Gilson & Henri Gouhier (1920 - 1936). Fafara teaches philosophy at the Alexandria Campus. The acknowledgments read, in part:

"I wish to acknowledge the following individuals for their generous
and prompt assistance with my requests for archival, research, and
biographical materials: the late Fr. Frederick Black, C.S.B., archivist of
St. Michael's College and the Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies
at the University of Toronto, and Ms. Evelyn Collins, his successor;
Mrs. Judith McManus, Reference Librarian, Georgetown University;
Mr. Kevin O'Hagan, Library Assistant, Northern Virginia Community
; and Professors André Motte and Paul Gochet, University of
Liège, and Mathieu Marion, University of Quebec at Montreal."

Kevin O'Hagan is responsible for Reserves and InterLibrary Loan at the Alexandria Campus Library. Supporting faculty research is part of the Library's mission. To find out more inforation on InterLibrary Loan services, contact Kevin O'Hagan.

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